Lollygag’s first review!

Austin English, publisher of Domino Books and long time comics critic and critical theorist, wrote a nice review of “Lollygag” along with some other interesting reads from the 2012 CAKE show. You can read it here:

“This is cartoonist Rina Ayuyangs first publication from Yam Books, superbly edited by Lark Pien. Lollygag reproduces pages from cartoonists sketchbooks—and unlike a sketchbook section in an anthology, Lollygag takes great pains to make itself as beautiful as an actual sketchbook—specifically, a sketchbook with really really good paper. With an artists caring eye, Pien makes sure greywashes come through just as good as pen and ink sketches. John Hankewiez’s greying shapes are understood with the same sensitivity as Vanessa Davis sharp character studies. What we have here is an anthology with a lot of different styles, unified by an editor (and publisher) with expansive taste and a unified vision of presentation. I don’t think a more impressive debut from a publisher is possible. And for those who don’t care about stuff like that, I don’t think a better sketchbook facsimile will come along for quite some time.”

Lollygag is now available for sale at the Yam Books shop.