From The Comics Reporter: Bundled Extra: Yam Books Announces First Two Publications

Tom Spurgeon wrote about the Yam Books launch:

May 8, 2012

Bundled Extra: Yam Books Announces First Two Publications

imageVia the magic of a press release and the mercy inherent in my not waiting a full week minus two hours to run more publishing news, the Oakland-based Yam Books announced its first two publications. Debuting at the Chicago Alternative Comix Expo (CAKE) will be the Lark Pien-edited Lollygag, an anthology of compulsive doodling from an all-star alt- and arts-comics line-up including Eleanor Davis, Renee French, Tom Hart, Nick Bertozzi and Jim Rugg. That one is 60 pages. A little later on this year will see Ticket Stub, a collection of Tim Hensley’s ‘zine of the same name. The ‘zine version ran nine issues. That’s another sketchbook-based project, this time with Hensley drawing scenes from his one-time gig as a closed-captions editor. I take it that Yam Books is a solo Rina Ayuyang effort because I’m not seeing anyone else’s name involved, but I could be wrong.

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