Awesome review of “Sky in Stereo #2″ at High-Low

Awesome review of “Sky In Stereo #2” by Rob Clough, on his High-Low blog.

Mardou’s coming-of-age story is so true-to-life that it hurts. After a first issue tracking Iris, a young woman in college who works at a fast-food joint for extra money and has an unrequited crush, this issue follows her on an acid trip. I’ve read many a comic depicting the experience, but Mardou’s take is impeccably accurate in so many ways…

Mardou’s always had a knack for getting at real and unpleasant human interactions, but she’s truly outdone herself in this series and this issue in particular.

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If you are in Chicago this weekend, go to Chicago Alt Comics Expo (CAKE), and get your copy signed by Mardou at Table 15! She will also have copies of the first issue to get you caught up! If you can’t make it, you can buy a copy at the Yam Books’ online shop,